Kim Woo Bin - W Magazine March Issue ‘14

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Me @ your wedding

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"My Saet Byul, she’s a very nice child. She holds out her hand when she sees a weak or poor person, and even though she’s not very talented in studying, she’s a pure and a beautiful child, who thinks of her friends and her neighbors first. […] Please, send my Saet Byul back. Saet Byul is my everything. Don’t, don’t ever turn off the lights, she gets really scared. Don’t leave her alone, she’s easily frightened. Don’t beat her, don’t hurt her… […] Take me, let go of my child and please take me instead and kill me. I don’t care if you kill me. My child has done no wrong apart from being born to a mother like me.”

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"If I fail to kill your father, I will destroy everyone you love and those who love you. For that, I sincerely apologize. […] Regret? Do you think I still have the luxury for feelings like that? Your father took away the only thing I had. So watch carefully. Someone who has nothing to protect, how strong that person can become.”

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You Who Came From The Stars

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